This year, it is our intention to maintain the positive and fun spirit of this event. While students are not required to wear costumes on Halloween, those students who do wish to participate are reminded of the following guidelines:

  1. Face painting should be applied at home and should be minimally applied so that students’ faces are recognizable.
  2. Costumes may not mock another student, faculty member, race, religious or lifestyle preference.
  3. Costume accessories that are deemed dangerous or similar to weaponry are not permitted.
  4. Do not wear masks or any item that will impede your vision or identity.
  5. Finally, all costumes should maintain the integrity of our school dress code.

Please understand that these guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of all our students. If a student’s costume is found to be inappropriate, she/he will be asked to remove the costume.  Wearing a costume is considered a school privilege.