when and how to apply

Here are the steps to take when getting ready to apply to college(s):

  1. Take the PSAT’s in October (in 10th and/or 11th grade). These are at no cost to Bradford students, and are offered right here at BCS.
  2. Take the SAT’s and/or ACT’s in the spring (in 11th and/or 12th grade)
  3. Meet with college representatives who visit BCS
  4. Websites to search colleges:
    1. www.suny.edu
    2. www.collegeboard.com
  5. How to select a college
    1. Review admissions criteria
    2. Search potential majors
    3. Take into consideration size, location, community, etc.
    4. Look into any extracurricular activities that may interest you
    5. Visit the campus and take a tour- this can mean all the difference when trying to narrow down your choices and select a college!
  6. When to apply:

We like to have all college applications in by Thanksgiving! However, there are different deadlines for each type of admission, so please keep an eye on those as well:

    1. Open admission
    2. Early decision
    3. Early action
    4. Rolling admission
    5. Regular admission

    7. How to apply:

    1. Most schools utilize the Common Application (www.commonapp.org)
    2. SUNY application (https://www.suny.edu/attend/apply-to-suny/)

    8. What will the college(s) look at?

    1. High school transcript (which includes GPA and class rank)
    2. Counselor and teacher recommendations
    3. SAT/ACT scores (if required at the college you are applying to)
    4. An essay or personal statement
    5. Any extracurricular involvement